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Right now, things are going pretty well. (Although if you know me at all, you’ll know how terrifying that is for me to say). My husband Jefferson and I have been living (and doing well) in my parent’s basement for almost two months now, we are both thriving in our workplaces, and I finally feel like I have a stable community of people who care for me. But still, I feel…stuck.  Continue reading “Stuck”

Life In General

The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)


Today I had an epiphany. Sort of. I realized I have become an adult. Kind of. It all started when I took my brother shopping for new pants this morning. I drove in my car that I realized was low in gas, so out of my money, I would have to pay to refill the tank. That was just the beginning. I owned my own car and got my own gas (though my parents paid for it) while I still lived at home too. No, it wasn’t until I was at the mall that I realized I am an actual adult.  Continue reading “The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)”

Life In General

What I’ve Learned From Marriage in Two and a Half Months


Okay so, I’ve been married for two and a half months (in case you some how missed that in the title) and I have gained some wisdom.

Very little wisdom. Like, one measly grain of wisdom, but still…some wisdom. And I feel like I should share this minuscule amount of wisdom with other young, newly married couples out there. And for the first time ever, I’m going to share a few pictures of myself and Jeff.  Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From Marriage in Two and a Half Months”


Making Progress: Reclaiming My Independence

I was looking through some of my older posts this morning, and came across this one. I didn’t recognize the tittle, so I assumed I had written it sometime last year. I was wrong. I wrote it two months ago! In case you don’t want to read the post, it was basically about the fact that because of my anxiety, I felt too dependant on other people (e.g. my parents) and that I had lost something very dear to me – my independence.  Continue reading “Making Progress: Reclaiming My Independence”


Breaking Up: It’s Not You, It’s Me

I went through a pretty big break-up recently. It was a big deal. It was emotional, and it was difficult. It took months to decide if this is what I really wanted, and eventually I knew what I had to do. It was time to say goodbye. After 21 years, it was time to say goodbye to my home church.

Continue reading “Breaking Up: It’s Not You, It’s Me”