Advice I Ignored (But Maybe Should Have Considered)


Everyone feels like they have the right to throw advice at you. Everyone feels like they are a fountain of wisdom. I feel like I have the right to ignore all advice given to me. Which, I mean, I guess I do…but maybe shouldn’t always.  Continue reading “Advice I Ignored (But Maybe Should Have Considered)”

“But…I Don’t Want a Wedding!”


My entire life I told my parents I wanted to elope when I finally found someone I loved. They didn’t take me too seriously as a 12-year-old. “Lauren,” Mom would say. “You’re only 12. You won’t be saying that when you’re an adult.” I would then whine about how I hated dresses and hated crowds and hated being the centre of attention. And then, I would forget about it and play Neopets. The sound of Mom’s voice saying “You’ll grow out of it” rang in my ears as I realized I probably would.  Continue reading ““But…I Don’t Want a Wedding!””

What I’ve Learned From Marriage in Two and a Half Months


Okay so, I’ve been married for two and a half months (in case you some how missed that in the title) and I have gained some wisdom.

Very little wisdom. Like, one measly grain of wisdom, but still…some wisdom. And I feel like I should share this minuscule amount of wisdom with other young, newly married couples out there. And for the first time ever, I’m going to share a few pictures of myself and Jeff.  Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From Marriage in Two and a Half Months”

Wedding Anxiety…Marriage Anxiety

This post may be hard for some of you guys to relate to. But just think of it as any-big-event-or-life-altering-decision anxiety. I have always wanted to be married. I have not always wanted to get married, i.e. have a wedding. Wedding planning stresses me out – and my mom is doing most of it for me! This post is not only about my wedding-stress, but it’s also about my commitment fears. We should be able to talk about this stuff, right? Continue reading “Wedding Anxiety…Marriage Anxiety”