“What Did You Do With That?”

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Four long years ago, I wrote a post called “What Are You Going To Do With That?” I had just finished my second year of university, and knew I still had a long road ahead (I did some of my degree part-time).

If you don’t feel like reading that post, let me sum it up. I was frustrated with people constantly asking me what I was going to do with my degree (a bachelor of arts) for two reasons.  Continue reading ““What Did You Do With That?””

I Finished Stats.

This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me…(see here and  here and here) it is.

For the last THREE years I’ve tried to take this (required) course and dropped out every time. I took the first half of it three years ago and halfway through dropped it – meaning I lost all the money I put into that class.

Last year, I tried to take that class again so I could graduate in June 2016. I took it…and dropped it. Thankfully I dropped it BEFORE the drop date, so I got refunded.

This year I had no choice. It was the last class I needed to graduate, and, if I actually wanted to graduate I finally had to take it.

And I did.

And it was painful. And it was hard. And it caused me A LOT of anxiety. And I put more work into that class than any other class I’ve ever taken and still didn’t get great marks.

But it’s over. And I (think) I got a B! IT’S DONE!



So, I Dropped Stats. Again.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember this post. I wrote it a little over two years ago at the end of February 2014. You also right remember this more recent post. Long story short: Two years ago, I dropped a required statistics course in the middle of the semester because I felt overwhelmed with my anxiety(I was in my third year). This semester, (my fifth year) I took the class again. And I dropped it. Again.

Continue reading “So, I Dropped Stats. Again.”

It’s a Busy Life


I’m not used to being busy. I usually do one thing at a time. During my first serious relationship, I wasn’t in university and I wasn’t working. We broke up when I started university. Then, I was just doing school. Life was easy. When I first started dating my now fiancé, it was the end of my third year of school. We had months of just being in a relationship. Well, I did. He worked. I didn’t. Then, I started school…and we got engaged. So I was engaged, and in school. And now, I’m getting married next month, just got a job, and have summer school coming up.  Continue reading “It’s a Busy Life”

I Stayed in School

A few weeks ago, I wrote my last post about hating Adobe InDesign. I really did hate it. I cried. Many times while trying to figure this complex program out. It was difficult. And I almost dropped the class. If it wasn’t for the rational words of my mom and my fiancé, I would have dropped this class. I probably would have dropped all my classes.  Continue reading “I Stayed in School”

I Went To Class

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my emetophobia the past few days. My stomach has been more upset than usual – which means my anxiety has also been more than usual. On top of that, I started back at school only a week ago, and of course, change hates me. And I hate it. So I haven’t been having a great time the past little while.  Continue reading “I Went To Class”

Pure Panic

Yesterday I had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. While driving. To my first day back at school. Sounds fun eh? Do you want to know what happened? Well, if you’re still reading this, I assume that you do. And I’m going to accompany this story with some crappy pictures I drew. In Microsoft Paint.

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