So, I Dropped Stats. Again.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember this post. I wrote it a little over two years ago at the end of February 2014. You also right remember this more recent post. Long story short: Two years ago, I dropped a required statistics course in the middle of the semester because I felt overwhelmed with my anxiety(I was in my third year). This semester, (my fifth year) I took the class again. And I dropped it. Again.

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I Stayed in School

A few weeks ago, I wrote my last post about hating Adobe InDesign. I really did hate it. I cried. Many times while trying to figure this complex program out. It was difficult. And I almost dropped the class. If it wasn’t for the rational words of my mom and my fiancé, I would have dropped this class. I probably would have dropped all my classes.  Continue reading “I Stayed in School”