The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)


Today I had an epiphany. Sort of. I realized I have become an adult. Kind of. It all started when I took my brother shopping for new pants this morning. I drove in my car that I realized was low in gas, so out of my money, I would have to pay to refill the tank. That was just the beginning. I owned my own car and got my own gas (though my parents paid for it) while I still lived at home too. No, it wasn’t until I was at the mall that I realized I am an actual adult.  Continue reading “The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)”

We All Want to be Cool Christians, Right?


I’m pretty sure the above picture is a joke. At least, I sort of hope it is. I understand that in our society where religion is lame and a “do-whatever-makes-you-happy” attitude is so prevalent that it can sometimes be hard on us. Sometimes you just want to fit in. Sometimes, you just want to be cool.  Continue reading “We All Want to be Cool Christians, Right?”

Role Models

Do you have a role model? If so – who are they? Where did you meet them? Do you even know them? Did you see them on TV? In a movie? Did you read about them in a book? A magazine? Are they old? Young? Alive? Dead? Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably have some sort of role model in your life – or you have in the past. With the current state of technology and mass media, we talk a lot about “role models”. Who is one. Who isn’t one. Who should be one. Why?


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The “Real” World

Have you ever watched MTV’s The Real World? Even if you’ve never seen a single episode, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the reality show. It’s currently on its 29th season, and has been running since 1992 (it’s the same age as me!) I’ll admit it. The Real World is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a guilty pleasure because…well…have you SEEN the show?

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Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck


I think a lot of people worry about “becoming an adult” nowadays. It’s funny though, because I remember talking to my mom about this a while back. And she remembers being a child and wanting so desperately to become an adult, because childhood wasn’t fun for her. GASP! However, for a lot of us…(not all of us, I recognize that) being a child or a teenager WAS fun. And we didn’t have a lot of responsibility. And when you think of adulthood, you think “OMG THAT’S ALL IT IS! A PILE OF RESPONSIBILITIES!”  Continue reading “Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck”