“It’s Stress.”

So, yesterday I woke up with chest pain and basically non-stop skip beats. If you read my recent post, I have been struggling a lot with health anxiety lately so this incident just put me over the edge. I debated going to the ER, but logically knew it was unlikely to be anything serious (knowing my anxiety has made me feel similar ways in the past). So, I went to my family doctor and guess what?  Continue reading ““It’s Stress.””

“A Blessing In Disguise”


If you read my last post or two, you probably heard about my husband’s car accident. It totalled our car, caused a lot of anxiety for me (obviously), and made our already busy lives even busier. Thankfully, my husband came out of it without a scratch. Warning: this is going to be one of my ranty posts.  Continue reading ““A Blessing In Disguise””

“I’m Fine…Stop Asking.” (A.K.A The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Told)


How many times do you say “I’m fine” and actually mean it? If you’re like me, then basically never. This post explains my blog’s name and also explains the forever conflict I go through on a daily basis when someone asks “How are you?”  Continue reading ““I’m Fine…Stop Asking.” (A.K.A The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Told)”

What I’m Feeling (Right Now) Part II.


This is sort of a continuation from Monday’s post. Well, continuation isn’t really the right word. I guess an it’s more like an update. On Monday I wasn’t in a great place. And even though I’m doing “better,” my anxiety is still a 10/10 right now. What does that even mean? Honestly, I’m not even sure.  Continue reading “What I’m Feeling (Right Now) Part II.”

Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?


Something I’ve recently had to learn to differentiate is regular anxiety VS my actual anxiety disorders. Because I have generalized anxiety disorder, this can be a huge challenge. Still, it’s helpful for me to know when I’m having normal, my-life-is-really-busy-so-I-feel-stressed-out anxiety or actual I-shouldn’t-be-worried-about-this-but-I-am anxiety. How can I tell the difference?  Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?”

It’s a Busy Life


I’m not used to being busy. I usually do one thing at a time. During my first serious relationship, I wasn’t in university and I wasn’t working. We broke up when I started university. Then, I was just doing school. Life was easy. When I first started dating my now fiancé, it was the end of my third year of school. We had months of just being in a relationship. Well, I did. He worked. I didn’t. Then, I started school…and we got engaged. So I was engaged, and in school. And now, I’m getting married next month, just got a job, and have summer school coming up.  Continue reading “It’s a Busy Life”