GUEST POST: Dealing With School Pressures


guest post

Hey everyone! So, I’m excited to announce another guest post written by blogger Emma from Anxiety Girl Online. Get ready for some great tips for dealing with mental health issues while still working your way through school. Thanks Emma for the awesome opportunity to collaborate!

You can check out my post about working through panic disorder on her blog right here!

Hey World!

I have no hesitation in sharing that anxiety in school has been one of the biggest challenges in my life so far. Exam pressure on top of general and unbearable anxiety isn’t ideal, and the teachers don’t really seem to understand student mental health in modern society.  Continue reading “GUEST POST: Dealing With School Pressures”

I Stayed in School

A few weeks ago, I wrote my last post about hating Adobe InDesign. I really did hate it. I cried. Many times while trying to figure this complex program out. It was difficult. And I almost dropped the class. If it wasn’t for the rational words of my mom and my fiancé, I would have dropped this class. I probably would have dropped all my classes.  Continue reading “I Stayed in School”

Surprisingly Underwhelmed



There’s a lot going on in my life right now. I mentioned some of those things in my last post. Some good, some bad. Some could go either way. Tomorrow, I have a final test (that I barely studied for). I’ve come down with a really bad cold (which is impeding me from studying because my nose is a faucet and my head is a balloon). I found out I can pick up my new car tomorrow. I have to wear this stupid heart monitor for 12 more days. Continue reading “Surprisingly Underwhelmed”

I Went To Class

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my emetophobia the past few days. My stomach has been more upset than usual – which means my anxiety has also been more than usual. On top of that, I started back at school only a week ago, and of course, change hates me. And I hate it. So I haven’t been having a great time the past little while.  Continue reading “I Went To Class”

Pure Panic

Yesterday I had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. While driving. To my first day back at school. Sounds fun eh? Do you want to know what happened? Well, if you’re still reading this, I assume that you do. And I’m going to accompany this story with some crappy pictures I drew. In Microsoft Paint.

Continue reading “Pure Panic”

“What Are You Going To Do With That?”

ImageWhen I graduate, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts. I’m doing a double major in professional writing/communications and sociology. I hate telling people this. Why? Because I get the same response every…single…time. “Oh, that’s nice,” They say. “But what are you going to do with that?” I hate this question for two reasons. Let me explain.

Continue reading ““What Are You Going To Do With That?””

The Montana Incident

I’ve always been very skeptical when I hear about those extraordinary “God moments” that people so freely talk about during church sermons or on those daytime Christian TV shows. Not that I think they are impossible or never happen – but because I had never experienced that, I thought it was unlikely that anyone else did. Plus, a lot of the time it seemed people just said that stuff for attention – right? Well, I am still a little bit skeptical, but something happened to me recently that I just can’t keep to myself. I present you: “The Montana Incident”.  Continue reading “The Montana Incident”