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Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today, I signed up with WordPress and created this blog. I didn’t have my own domain name, I had no idea what to write about, and my blog header was an owl for some reason. The original name was “Anxious & Awesome” and I never liked that title. I also never thought I would ever publicly share my blog or let anyone know who the author behind these posts were. But a lot has changed in four years. A lot.  Continue reading “Happy Anniversary”

Life In General

What I’ve Learned From Marriage In (Almost) One Year

what i've learned

Last July, I wrote a post titled What I’ve Learned From Marriage in Two and a Half Months. Now, my husband Jefferson and I have been married for almost one year. Actually, our anniversary is this Monday. I wanted to blog about what I’ve learned since that last post…because boy, it’s been a lot.  Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From Marriage In (Almost) One Year”

Life In General

“Stupid” Fights


My husband and I get into the stupidest fights. Like, really. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh, me and my husband/wife/fiancé/girlfriend/whatever get into stupid fights too!” I’m sure you do. But I honestly think if there was a competition for stupid fights, we would place in the top 10.  Continue reading ““Stupid” Fights”