Another Bad Day – But That’s Okay

This should probably be titled “I Had A Bad Week,” but that just doesn’t sound as good. Plus, today was like, extra bad compared to the others. I also originally wanted to title it “I Had a Bad Day” (and yes, now that song is stuck in my head)

but apparently, I already have a post titled I Had a Bad Day (and if I’m being honest, that’s one of my personal favourite posts, so you should definitely check it out). Continue reading “Another Bad Day – But That’s Okay”

Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic

[Note: Photoshop is currently not working so I can’t put up my usual post banner yet. I was a little annoyed about this, and then I realized what my post topic was about. So yeah…no big deal]

I am easily annoyed. I know this about myself. The smallest things, with the right conditions, can drive me into a rage. I know it’s horrible, and I hate it. Some of these small things include: slow walking people, slow driving cars, people literally just existing around me, people breathing loudly, people chewing loudly, my printer not working fast enough…etc. You get the point. The list could go on. But you know my number one? It’s getting stuck in traffic.  Continue reading “Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic”

I Went To Class

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my emetophobia the past few days. My stomach has been more upset than usual – which means my anxiety has also been more than usual. On top of that, I started back at school only a week ago, and of course, change hates me. And I hate it. So I haven’t been having a great time the past little while.  Continue reading “I Went To Class”