Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic

[Note: Photoshop is currently not working so I can’t put up my usual post banner yet. I was a little annoyed about this, and then I realized what my post topic was about. So yeah…no big deal]

I am easily annoyed. I know this about myself. The smallest things, with the right conditions, can drive me into a rage. I know it’s horrible, and I hate it. Some of these small things include: slow walking people, slow driving cars, people literally just existing around me, people breathing loudly, people chewing loudly, my printer not working fast enough…etc. You get the point. The list could go on. But you know my number one? It’s getting stuck in traffic.  Continue reading “Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic”

Like a Cat in a Cage


Yesterday, Jeff and I took our cat Oliver to the vet. Now, before Oliver, I had a cat for 10 years. Sophie. She hated the vet. She hated the carrier, she hated the car, she hated people, she hated everything. Oliver is different kine of cat. He loves people. He loves attention. He loves food and his toys and he even loves water! But, just like Sophie, he hates the car. And he hates his carrier. Getting him in that thing is like torture. For all parties involved. Continue reading “Like a Cat in a Cage”

The Bravest Twenty-Two Year Old at the Dentist

A year ago, I found out I had a cavity. I was cavity-free for twenty-two years. All of a sudden, the horrors of having to get a filling were all too real. During my last check-up/cleaning in January, my dentist (who also happens to be a family friend) informed me that it was time to fill the cavity. The horror.  Continue reading “The Bravest Twenty-Two Year Old at the Dentist”

“Everything Will Be Okay”…Except When It’s Not.

In my last blog post, I used a picture that said “everything will be okay”. In that post, I was actually going to talk about the problem I have with people saying this to me (and others), but my post ended up going in a very different direction so I left it out. Now I probably seem hypocritical – but that’s okay! Everything will be okay. Continue reading ““Everything Will Be Okay”…Except When It’s Not.”

Surprisingly Underwhelmed



There’s a lot going on in my life right now. I mentioned some of those things in my last post. Some good, some bad. Some could go either way. Tomorrow, I have a final test (that I barely studied for). I’ve come down with a really bad cold (which is impeding me from studying because my nose is a faucet and my head is a balloon). I found out I can pick up my new car tomorrow. I have to wear this stupid heart monitor for 12 more days. Continue reading “Surprisingly Underwhelmed”

Crap Happens: Date Edition

So, as I said in one of my recent posts, I started seeing someone about a month ago. And no, this post isn’t really about that. Well, it is. Sort of. Not really. Just read it. Anyway! A few weeks ago we had our first “real” date planned out – we were going to go see the new LEGO movie, and then go out for dessert and/or drinks after. Well, the night before our date, I checked the weather. And I was not pleased.


Continue reading “Crap Happens: Date Edition”

I Went To Class

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my emetophobia the past few days. My stomach has been more upset than usual – which means my anxiety has also been more than usual. On top of that, I started back at school only a week ago, and of course, change hates me. And I hate it. So I haven’t been having a great time the past little while.  Continue reading “I Went To Class”

He’s There

If you’ve read some of my posts from the summer, you’ll see that I had a hard time feeling connected to God. I didn’t hear Him like I used to. I didn’t feel…anything. During a heated argument with my parents, I even blurted out “I’m not even a Christian!”
It wasn’t true. It wasn’t how I actually felt. I was just extremely frustrated with the silence. But I’ve experienced this so many times in my “Christian walk”. I knew that silence always comes to an end. Continue reading “He’s There”