The Rash: Dealing With Two Weeks Of Panic


Three weeks ago, we moved into our new home. Overall, the process was surprisingly easy for me. I usually hate change – even good change, but this was a much-needed change, and I embraced it the best I could. I already feel like my home is, well, home. I’ve adjusted far better than I thought I would, and yet, here we are. Two weeks of panic. All because of a rash.  Continue reading “The Rash: Dealing With Two Weeks Of Panic”

Like a Cat in a Cage


Yesterday, Jeff and I took our cat Oliver to the vet. Now, before Oliver, I had a cat for 10 years. Sophie. She hated the vet. She hated the carrier, she hated the car, she hated people, she hated everything. Oliver is different kine of cat. He loves people. He loves attention. He loves food and his toys and he even loves water! But, just like Sophie, he hates the car. And he hates his carrier. Getting him in that thing is like torture. For all parties involved. Continue reading “Like a Cat in a Cage”

Trying Not To Freak Out: Update


A few days ago I had a massive panic attack. You can read this post to fill you in. Basically, I got blood work done last week. On Wednesday, they called me in saying it was nothing serious, but my doctor wanted to see me. “Nothing serious” translated into “you’re dying” for me and I absolutely freaked out.  Continue reading “Trying Not To Freak Out: Update”

Bumps in the Road

I drew another comic today! On crappy Macrosoft Paint! (Hah…MACrosoft…get it! …Neither do I. There’s really not even a joke there. I just used my Mac again.)

You ever feel like some things in life are SO difficult for you, but easy for others? Little challenges that seem so easy to overcome, yet for some reason, they never are? Well…I feel that way all the time. And I drew it.



I haven’t made a real post about my anxiety in a long time. If you missed those kind of posts, you’re in luck! Because I’m having a bad anxiety day and all I want to do is crawl into a hole and hide. Forever. And cry. The one thing I hate most about my anxiety isn’t how crappy it makes me feel (although that is, obviously, unpleasant). It isn’t the panic attacks or the stomach aches or the occasional shakes. It’s the fact sometimes, it makes me feel completely dependant on other people. And I hate that.  Continue reading “Independence”

My 3 Types of Anxiety…(Illustrated on Microsoft Paint)

I have a lot of anxiety problems…I’m sure you know that by now. Sometimes, I like to make light of it while also showing what it feels like (to me). These are my main anxiety problems. Drawn just for you. Crappily. On Microsoft Paint.  Continue reading “My 3 Types of Anxiety…(Illustrated on Microsoft Paint)”

Pure Panic

Yesterday I had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. While driving. To my first day back at school. Sounds fun eh? Do you want to know what happened? Well, if you’re still reading this, I assume that you do. And I’m going to accompany this story with some crappy pictures I drew. In Microsoft Paint.

Continue reading “Pure Panic”

11 Hours

How long is 11 hours? Well…it’s 11 hours. 660 minutes. That’s it. But it seems that sometimes, time is relative. 11 hours is pretty short if you’re talking about a lifespan, or a prison sentence, or a vacation. But 11 hours is pretty long if you’re talking about a phone call, or a shopping spree, or the time it takes to read this blog post. You know what else feels really long in 11 hours? A panic attack.  Continue reading “11 Hours”