How To Stop A Panic Attack: Tips From A Lifelong Sufferer

how to stop a panic attack

If you suffer from anxiety, you have probably wondered at some point how to stop a panic attack. Panic attacks are often one of the most frustrating things that anxiety-sufferers have to deal with.

Even if you don’t have panic disorder (i.e. seemingly random panic attacks that happen unexpectedly), most anxiety sufferers have panic attacks associated with known triggers (phobias, triggers relating to OCD or PTSD, etc.)

For the first time in my life, I actually have some control over my panic attacks. This is due to a lot of therapy, learning to recognize a panic attack for what it is, and practicing coping mechanisms until they become second nature.

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My Worst Fears Reimagined As Movie Posters


Sometimes, it’s good to make fun of yourself. When it comes to my anxiety disorders, I do this pretty often. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be able to function.

I’ve reimagined a few of my biggest fears as movies. It’s okay. You can laugh at me. Or with me I guess, because I’m laughing too.

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11 Hours

How long is 11 hours? Well…it’s 11 hours. 660 minutes. That’s it. But it seems that sometimes, time is relative. 11 hours is pretty short if you’re talking about a lifespan, or a prison sentence, or a vacation. But 11 hours is pretty long if you’re talking about a phone call, or a shopping spree, or the time it takes to read this blog post. You know what else feels really long in 11 hours? A panic attack.  Continue reading “11 Hours”