We Lost The Bill (Or: How Anxiety Makes Me Totally Irrational)


I thought I knew my anxiety triggers perfectly. I’ve had anxiety for so long, I assumed I knew every single way it manifested itself in my brain. But apparently, anxiety is not that predictable. I learned this over the Christmas break when I lost a bill.  Continue reading “We Lost The Bill (Or: How Anxiety Makes Me Totally Irrational)”

Trying Not To Freak Out: Update


A few days ago I had a massive panic attack. You can read this post to fill you in. Basically, I got blood work done last week. On Wednesday, they called me in saying it was nothing serious, but my doctor wanted to see me. “Nothing serious” translated into “you’re dying” for me and I absolutely freaked out.  Continue reading “Trying Not To Freak Out: Update”

Panic on a Train

Two months ago, F (my fiancé) and I took a train to meet with my friend, and old youth pastor (let’s call him “Rick”), for our first pre-marital counseling session. Because we live in the horrendous land of perpetual winter (i.e. Canada), it was supposed to snow that weekend and we didn’t want to risk driving five hours away in bad weather. So we took a train.  Continue reading “Panic on a Train”

The Time is 10:21 PM

So, this is a new one for me. I’m blogging right now, and I am also in the middle of having a panic attack. The height of it, actually. I pre-apologize for any mistakes in this post. Or if I ramble. Or if it doesn’t make any sense at all. I kind of just want to experiment here. Will this post sound any different from others? When I read it a month from now, will I be able to tell – exclusively from my writing – that I was in the middle of a panic attack?  Continue reading “The Time is 10:21 PM”