Anxiety, Emetophobia

Fear of Fear

In the 2016 study, Does ‘Fear Of Dying’ Indicate A More Severe Presentation Of Panic Disorder? Douglas Gazarian and researchers examine anxiety and panic disorder. The researchers write:

“Theory on anxiety sensitivity suggests that individuals with PD [panic disorder] have a heightened fear of anxiety symptoms (i.e., “fear of fear”).”

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Anxiety, Emetophobia

Burnt Fingers and Ruined Vacations

You know how people always say that they would never change [insert generally negative aspect/characteristic/health issue] about themselves? Because that thing made them stronger or more empathetic or a better person in general? Yeah well as noble as that sentiment is, I would get rid of my anxiety disorders in a heartbeat.  Continue reading “Burnt Fingers and Ruined Vacations”


We Lost The Bill (Or: How Anxiety Makes Me Totally Irrational)


I thought I knew my anxiety triggers perfectly. I’ve had anxiety for so long, I assumed I knew every single way it manifested itself in my brain. But apparently, anxiety is not that predictable. I learned this over the Christmas break when I lost a bill.  Continue reading “We Lost The Bill (Or: How Anxiety Makes Me Totally Irrational)”


Trying Not To Freak Out: Update


A few days ago I had a massive panic attack. You can read this post to fill you in. Basically, I got blood work done last week. On Wednesday, they called me in saying it was nothing serious, but my doctor wanted to see me. “Nothing serious” translated into “you’re dying” for me and I absolutely freaked out.  Continue reading “Trying Not To Freak Out: Update”

Anxiety, Emetophobia

So…I Got Married


On Saturday, I married my best friend. And I was surprisingly calm all the days leading up to the wedding…except for the night before. And you know what, it wasn’t even because of pre-wedding anxiety (although, yes, I did experience some of those normal nerves before the big day). No, it was my stupid emetophobia. Continue reading “So…I Got Married”