Panic Attacks


I have been a little MIA from my blog lately. I’m getting married in two weeks and just started a new job – so yes, you could say my life is just a bit busier than usual. I had a MASSIVE panic attack on Thursday.

It was bad I had to miss my second shift of work. So bad I actually went to the doctors about it. So bad that the doctors prescribed me lorazepam. I didn’t take it, and I don’t know if I’ll ever take it. I was once against anti-anxiety meds – not because I think there’s anything wrong with them, but because I thought they “weren’t for me.” Well I’ve reached a point where they MIGHT be for me. Not permanently. I know they aren’t a permanent solution. But if that happens again, the overwhelming, life altering panic I experienced on Thursday, I might take one.

I don’t have much else to say right now, but I wanted to blog. My anxiety has been bad, but I feel like an upcoming wedding would give anyone anxiety. We’ll see how the next few weeks go.

I Thought I Had Food Poisoning

Today I thought I had food poisoning. I mean, I could have maybe. But I haven’t thrown up (yet?). This is pretty much my worst nightmare. I also went to class this morning and worked all day and I’m exhausted right now. I had a pretty crappy day, and I have to work early tomorrow so I just pray my stomach is back to normal by then. I’m munching on some soda crackers now…so we’ll see.
I literally had a 3 hour panic attack. My stomach hurt so much I wanted to throw up. That`s how I knew it was bad. But I was okay…and now I`m…okay. Not great, but not terrible. I need to sleep.


Top Five

So, as I was sitting here on my laptop procrastinating studying for my midterm (which is tomorrow, by the way) I started thinking about all the stupid things I’ve been afraid of in the past. Don’t ask me why that thought popped into my head. I don’t even understand myself.
I actually found it sort of funny… the completely ridiculous things that have caused me to have panic attacks or severe anxiety. Continue reading “Top Five”