Just A Five Minute Drive

just a five minute drive - OCD

When I was a kid, I would have a breakdown every single time my parents left the house. It doesn’t matter who babysat me – my grandmother, aunts or uncles, that cool teenage girl from my church…nope, didn’t matter. I would cry almost the entire time they were gone. Shake. Panic. Scream. Everyone assumed I had a terrible case of separation anxiety, but I didn’t.  Continue reading “Just A Five Minute Drive”

Another Bad Day – But That’s Okay

This should probably be titled “I Had A Bad Week,” but that just doesn’t sound as good. Plus, today was like, extra bad compared to the others. I also originally wanted to title it “I Had a Bad Day” (and yes, now that song is stuck in my head)

but apparently, I already have a post titled I Had a Bad Day (and if I’m being honest, that’s one of my personal favourite posts, so you should definitely check it out). Continue reading “Another Bad Day – But That’s Okay”



As you may know since reading my recent posts, I’ve been struggling with the difficult combination of both anxiety and depression. Over the weekend, I essentially had a massive breakdown. This breakdown included the worst elements of my anxiety (full-blown panic attack, hyperventilation) and of my depression (hopelessness, thoughts of self-harm, helplessness). Basically, I just felt trapped.  Continue reading “Trapped.”

Restlessly Unmotivated


I’ve reached an interesting point in my battle with depression today. I don’t know what to do about it, how long it will last, or if it’s even a good thing. I mean, I suppose it’s not terrible because I finally feel like I want to be productive. I feel restless. I feel bored. But somehow, at the same time, I feel just as unmotivated as before.  Continue reading “Restlessly Unmotivated”

What it’s Like Having Emetophobia


I used to be really, super, insanely embarrassed of my emetophobia. I didn’t tell anyone. One friend knew. My family knew. But I didn’t talk about it to anyone other than parents. For some reason, this phobia seemed worse than my other anxieties. I think it was because I didn’t know how to explain it.  Continue reading “What it’s Like Having Emetophobia”