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Love at Sixth Sight


Before I got engaged and a little bit after, I read a lot of newly wed blog posts. I read them in hopes that I would feel a bit more normal. I read them because I was nervous. I read them because I was having some major doubts and commitment issues.  Continue reading “Love at Sixth Sight”

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I am a jealous person. I hate to admit it, and I usually don’t admit it. But here I am…admitting it. I get jealous very easily. I compare my life to others without even thinking twice about it. And worst of all, when a friend or family member tells me something great happened to them, instead of feeling happy…I feel upset.  Continue reading “Jealousy”

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The Future!


I guess I’ve technically been an adult for, what…3 years now? I mean, technically you’re an “adult” when you’re 18. You can vote. You can get married. You can drink…oh wait
Anyway. I don’t really feel like an adult. “The future” still scares me. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or even if you’ve just read a few posts, you’ll know that I pretty much worry about anything. And everything. Continue reading “The Future!”