Bumps in the Road

I drew another comic today! On crappy Macrosoft Paint! (Hah…MACrosoft…get it! …Neither do I. There’s really not even a joke there. I just used my Mac again.)

You ever feel like some things in life are SO difficult for you, but easy for others? Little challenges that seem so easy to overcome, yet for some reason, they never are? Well…I feel that way all the time. And I drew it.


The Future!


I guess I’ve technically been an adult for, what…3 years now? I mean, technically you’re an “adult” when you’re 18. You can vote. You can get married. You can drink…oh wait
Anyway. I don’t really feel like an adult. “The future” still scares me. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or even if you’ve just read a few posts, you’ll know that I pretty much worry about anything. And everything. Continue reading “The Future!”

The Montana Incident

I’ve always been very skeptical when I hear about those extraordinary “God moments” that people so freely talk about during church sermons or on those daytime Christian TV shows. Not that I think they are impossible or never happen – but because I had never experienced that, I thought it was unlikely that anyone else did. Plus, a lot of the time it seemed people just said that stuff for attention – right? Well, I am still a little bit skeptical, but something happened to me recently that I just can’t keep to myself. I present you: “The Montana Incident”.  Continue reading “The Montana Incident”

Cardboard Boxes Suck

This post really isn’t about anything. There is no lesson to be learned or moral of the story or anything really. It’s just about how much cardboard boxes suck. And I’m not joking. They suck. I mean, they are awesome…sort of. Like, you can make SO many things with them. When I was a kid, I loved cardboard boxes! You could make a castle or a fort or a house or an army base or an airplane or a spaceship. The possibilities are endless. But now, I hate cardboard.  Continue reading “Cardboard Boxes Suck”

Doing It Your Own Way

I have not written a lot of posts about my faith lately. That’s because, unfortunately, my anxiety has kind of taken over. Anyway – today will be different. And hopefully I’ll start to be more consistent with my blogging again. Alright SO. Have you ever asked for something (from God, or from your parents, or from a friend or whatever) and you thought you really wanted it or that you really needed it? And then when you finally got it…it’s not what you expected?  Continue reading “Doing It Your Own Way”