How Can I be More Independent? Taking One Step Forward.

How Can I be More Independent_1

I have written quite a few posts about losing/gaining/reclaiming/figuring out my independence. This is not a new trend for me – the first post I wrote about this was back in April of 2014! After reading that post, I realized something pretty crappy. I have regressed. A lot.  Continue reading “How Can I be More Independent? Taking One Step Forward.”

Making Progress: Reclaiming My Independence

I was looking through some of my older posts this morning, and came across this one. I didn’t recognize the tittle, so I assumed I had written it sometime last year. I was wrong. I wrote it two months ago! In case you don’t want to read the post, it was basically about the fact that because of my anxiety, I felt too dependant on other people (e.g. my parents) and that I had lost something very dear to me – my independence.  Continue reading “Making Progress: Reclaiming My Independence”


I haven’t made a real post about my anxiety in a long time. If you missed those kind of posts, you’re in luck! Because I’m having a bad anxiety day and all I want to do is crawl into a hole and hide. Forever. And cry. The one thing I hate most about my anxiety isn’t how crappy it makes me feel (although that is, obviously, unpleasant). It isn’t the panic attacks or the stomach aches or the occasional shakes. It’s the fact sometimes, it makes me feel completely dependant on other people. And I hate that.  Continue reading “Independence”