Blood Work and Ultrasounds and Therapy, Oh My!

blood work

This past week(ish) has been the week of appointments. In total, I had four. FOUR medical appointments in less than a week. I had a blood work (AH!), a (very long, very extensive) ultrasound of my entire abdomen, my first appointment at an anxiety clinic (more on that later), and a follow up with my doctor. What a week it has been.  Continue reading “Blood Work and Ultrasounds and Therapy, Oh My!”

Trying Not To Freak Out: Update


A few days ago I had a massive panic attack. You can read this post to fill you in. Basically, I got blood work done last week. On Wednesday, they called me in saying it was nothing serious, but my doctor wanted to see me. “Nothing serious” translated into “you’re dying” for me and I absolutely freaked out.  Continue reading “Trying Not To Freak Out: Update”

Go Out and Run!

Go exercise. Do something. Walk. Jog. Run. Work out. Seriously. My psychologist told me a long time ago that “exercising helps anxiety.” Yeah well it’s true. I just recently started working out and it HELPS. It really does. Motivating yourself can be a challenge. So here, I’ll try to motivate YOU! You don’t need a program. You don’t need to be in shape. You don’t need to be good at it. Just start. Just try. Do a little more every day. I started with a 15 minute walk and 20 (girl) push-ups and 20 sit-ups if I could handle it. Now I’ve almost moved up to a jog (15-20 minutes of cardio), plus a 20-30 minute work-out! Seriously, if you have anxiety, exercise is a life saver. I wish I figured this out earlier. I should have listened to my psychologist.

My 3 Types of Anxiety…(Illustrated on Microsoft Paint)

I have a lot of anxiety problems…I’m sure you know that by now. Sometimes, I like to make light of it while also showing what it feels like (to me). These are my main anxiety problems. Drawn just for you. Crappily. On Microsoft Paint.  Continue reading “My 3 Types of Anxiety…(Illustrated on Microsoft Paint)”


The past few days, I feel as though I have given up the fight. It happens every once and a while. I just stop fighting the anxiety. I let it completely take over. I start wallowing in self-pity, self-loathing and dirty clothes (because I can’t be bothered to clean my room). It happens for different reasons every time. This time, it was because I convinced myself I had “postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome“…yeah… Continue reading “Fight”