Women: If Your Husband Cheats, it’s Your Fault


Well, only if you don’t give him enough sex, apparently. Can you believe, I mean, can you really believe that people not only agree with this, but people who do write best-selling Christian marriage books?  Continue reading “Women: If Your Husband Cheats, it’s Your Fault”


Lust: Not Just a Man’s Struggle (2.0)


Two years ago, I wrote a post called “Lust: Not Just a Man’s Struggle.” I wrote this before I started dating my now husband. I wrote this before I had many views on my blog. As soon as I “revealed” my identity on my blog and started sharing some of my posts on Facebook, I thought about removing this post all together. I went back and re-read it with the intention of permanently deleting it. But I decided against it. This needs to be said.

Two years is a long time. Some of my views have changed since then, and so instead of all-out deleting it, I’ve gone back and I’ve made some minor changes. Okay. Let’s get to it.

P.S. I am not afraid of sexuality – in general, or of my own. So this post will contain a pretty frank discussion of sexuality – if you’re uncomfortable with that, I’m sorry. Turn back now. Continue reading “Lust: Not Just a Man’s Struggle (2.0)”

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Why I (Mostly) Agree With Miley Cyrus


I don’t often write about pop culture on my blog. I figure there’s enough of that out there.

But when this new “feud” between Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift caught my attention, I just couldn’t help but react to it.  Continue reading “Why I (Mostly) Agree With Miley Cyrus”