My House


Max sitting on the couch in our old house

The other night I had a dream that two of my older friends (as in, older in age…but also older in that I’ve known them for a long time) came over. Instead of feeling excited to see my old friends, I had an enormous mental breakdown. Apparently, I can’t escape my anxiety even in my dreams but whatever, that’s not (really) the point.  Continue reading “My House”

Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?


Something I’ve recently had to learn to differentiate is regular anxiety VS my actual anxiety disorders. Because I have generalized anxiety disorder, this can be a huge challenge. Still, it’s helpful for me to know when I’m having normal, my-life-is-really-busy-so-I-feel-stressed-out anxiety or actual I-shouldn’t-be-worried-about-this-but-I-am anxiety. How can I tell the difference?  Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?”