Go Out and Run!

Go exercise. Do something. Walk. Jog. Run. Work out. Seriously. My psychologist told me a long time ago that “exercising helps anxiety.” Yeah well it’s true. I just recently started working out and it HELPS. It really does. Motivating yourself can be a challenge. So here, I’ll try to motivate YOU! You don’t need a program. You don’t need to be in shape. You don’t need to be good at it. Just start. Just try. Do a little more every day. I started with a 15 minute walk and 20 (girl) push-ups and 20 sit-ups if I could handle it. Now I’ve almost moved up to a jog (15-20 minutes of cardio), plus a 20-30 minute work-out! Seriously, if you have anxiety, exercise is a life saver. I wish I figured this out earlier. I should have listened to my psychologist.

Little Victories Are Still Victories


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can be a little too critical. Sometimes of other people (which I’m working on), but usually of myself (which I’m really working on). It’s hard to feel proud of yourself when nothing you ever do is good enough…for you. Lately, I’ve felt like I can’t do anything right. Like nothing I do is good enough. Like I have nothing to feel good about. But then I realized that there have been things I should feel good about. Little things. I should still be proud of the little things, right?  Continue reading “Little Victories Are Still Victories”