Just Keep Sweeping – Or, Why Existential Dread Is The Worst Thing Ever

existential dread
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I don’t think I need to list out all of my anxiety issues again. If I did, it would take a while. I have pretty much stopped counting all of the phobias and conditions I’ve acquired over the years. I often talk about how my emetophobia is by far the worst of my anxiety disorders. And, for the most part, it is because it affects me every day. But if I am being honest, it’s actually not the very worst.

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I Don’t Know.


If someone asked me right now how I was doing, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. “I don’t know,” I would have to reply. I’m feeling…weird. I have had no energy to put into blogging lately. My anxiety levels have been…also weird. I just don’t know what’s doing on with me right now. Continue reading “I Don’t Know.”


The Daily Funeral


I have been extra exhausted lately. Is it school? Is it work? Is it the fact that it gets dark by 5:00 pm? Well, maybe a little bit has to do with that. But I think the real reason is something much bigger, and something much more difficult to deal with; I attend my husband’s funeral daily.  Continue reading “The Daily Funeral”