I Am Still a Slave To Fear – But Also a Child Of God

The first time I heard the song “No Longer Slaves” was when my husband was interviewing at a new church two years ago, and we went to visit one of their services. Although we didn’t end up at that church, we really enjoyed their worship – and I soon realized that “No Longer Slaves” was a popular song. Although I liked the song and sang along, something felt very off to me – though I couldn’t pinpoint it just yet.

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Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today, I signed up with WordPress and created this blog. I didn’t have my own domain name, I had no idea what to write about, and my blog header was an owl for some reason. The original name was “Anxious & Awesome” and I never liked that title. I also never thought I would ever publicly share my blog or let anyone know who the author behind these posts were. But a lot has changed in four years. A lot.  Continue reading “Happy Anniversary”

Medication? Trying Something New.


If you don’t already know, let me give you a brief history about my mental health battles. I have had severe anxiety as long as I can remember. I don’t what what it feels like to not be anxious. I don’t know what it feels like to have any sort of pain and my first thought not be, “this is serious, I’m going to die.” I honestly know nothing else.  Continue reading “Medication? Trying Something New.”