Role Models

Do you have a role model? If so – who are they? Where did you meet them? Do you even know them? Did you see them on TV? In a movie? Did you read about them in a book? A magazine? Are they old? Young? Alive? Dead? Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably have some sort of role model in your life – or you have in the past. With the current state of technology and mass media, we talk a lot about “role models”. Who is one. Who isn’t one. Who should be one. Why?


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Warm Bodies


I watched the movie “Warm Bodies” yesterday. And no, this is not a movie review. Although it may contain spoilers so you are warned (though I wouldn’t recommend watching it anyway).
This movie really made me think. And it made me cry too. Not because of the cheesy romance though. Romance doesn’t really get to me. Maybe I’m cold-hearted. Anyway, it got to me because I over-analyzed it.  Continue reading “Warm Bodies”