Anxiety, Emetophobia

I Have An Eating Disorder

When I was about 10 years old, two years after I stopped eating, my pediatrician was worried that I had anorexia. I was forced to talk on the phone with a helpline. They asked me various questions, like “Why don’t you want to eat?” And “Do you like the way your body looks?” I was actually pretty confused because I knew what they were implying. And I, of course, did not have an eating disorder!  Continue reading “I Have An Eating Disorder”


I Went To a Wedding

ImageYesterday, I went to a wedding. And I did not freak out. Well, I did a little bit. But I got over it.  You may be wondering why the heck I would be freaking out about going to a wedding. Well, you see, there is a lot of food at weddings. And this stresses me out. I don’t like feeling forced to eat, I don’t like eating when there are a lot of people around, and sometimes I just don’t like eating. And I have emetophobia, so one of my triggers is being around a big group of people and having to eat. (This is not a trigger for everyone). Not to mention, my stomach was already feeling weird from before. But I did it anyway. And I had SO much fun!
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