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Hockey Girls

I haven’t written a lot of faith-related posts lately. Probably because my anxiety has been so prominent, I had a hard time writing about anything else. But, I’m really excited about something my husband and I started at our current church, I want to share it with you.

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“When One Door Closes” and Other Clichés


You know that thing I’ve been wanting to talk about for weeks now? Well it is finally “public knowledge” so I can finally write about it. I can write about it all! I’ve got some big news. Here we go… Continue reading ““When One Door Closes” and Other Clichés”

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T-Rex Was Here


During my time as a day camp leader this past summer, I started an accidental cult. Well, not really. Well, not at all…

But something a little strange, though seriously funny, happened. Now, you need a bit of background information. I volunteered at a day camp run out of my church (but at the time, my husband Jeff and I had just started attending). Jeff got a job as a “day camp director” and so I thought it would be fun to volunteer while he worked. A grade 12 girl and I were the leaders for grade 3-4 girls. We all had camp names. Mine was T-Rex.  Continue reading “T-Rex Was Here”


So I Got Married…And Then I Got Depressed (Part Two)


So yesterday I wrote So I Got Married…And Then I Got Depressed (Part One). This is the second half to that story. I’ll begin where I left off. If you need context, read the first part! Here goes part two… Continue reading “So I Got Married…And Then I Got Depressed (Part Two)”


I’m So Angry!

Not really though. Not now at least. But sometimes I am. I have had a problem with anger, sometimes to the point of rage, since…forever. I remember being around ten years old, flying into such a rage that I couldn’t remember what I had said or done. That’s scary. Yesterday, I visited F’s church. His dad is a pastor. He preached on anger. You know how sometimes you go to a service and feel like the sermon was made just for you? Yeah…that’s how I felt yesterday. Continue reading “I’m So Angry!”


Little Victories Are Still Victories


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can be a little too critical. Sometimes of other people (which I’m working on), but usually of myself (which I’m really working on). It’s hard to feel proud of yourself when nothing you ever do is good enough…for you. Lately, I’ve felt like I can’t do anything right. Like nothing I do is good enough. Like I have nothing to feel good about. But then I realized that there have been things I should feel good about. Little things. I should still be proud of the little things, right?  Continue reading “Little Victories Are Still Victories”


Breaking Up: It’s Not You, It’s Me

I went through a pretty big break-up recently. It was a big deal. It was emotional, and it was difficult. It took months to decide if this is what I really wanted, and eventually I knew what I had to do. It was time to say goodbye. After 21 years, it was time to say goodbye to my home church.

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Bikinis and Board-shorts


What do you see in the pictures above? Two people at the beach, right? Well, many people I know would say that she (Selena Gomez – if you were unaware) needs to “cover up.” But what about him (Zac Efron?) Why doesn’t he need to cover up? Just look at those glistening abs! Why shouldn’t he put a shirt on?  Continue reading “Bikinis and Board-shorts”

Life In General

Cardboard Boxes Suck

This post really isn’t about anything. There is no lesson to be learned or moral of the story or anything really. It’s just about how much cardboard boxes suck. And I’m not joking. They suck. I mean, they are awesome…sort of. Like, you can make SO many things with them. When I was a kid, I loved cardboard boxes! You could make a castle or a fort or a house or an army base or an airplane or a spaceship. The possibilities are endless. But now, I hate cardboard.  Continue reading “Cardboard Boxes Suck”