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Exhausted. Totally, Utterly Exhausted.


I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted. Last year on May 12, I was 11 days away from getting married. You’d think I would have been more exhausted then. Wrong. I am way more exhausted now. And yet, I actually feel okayContinue reading “Exhausted. Totally, Utterly Exhausted.”

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Isaiah 41:10


Isaiah 41:10 – Basically the favourite scripture verse of all anxious Christians. I took the background photo for the image above when I visited Prince Edward Island with my family three years ago. This verse reminds me of that vacation because I found it around that same time.

Aside from when I was a kid and memorized Bible verses because I wanted a candy reward in Sunday School, I think this is the first verse I truly memorized.

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The Anxious Christian: Just Pray About It?


If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or a similar mental illness, you’ve probably heard from those “helpful” friends and family that you should “just get over it.” If you’re a Christian who suffers from anxiety or depression, you’ve probably heard that that one plus another gem. “Just pray about it.” How does that make you feel?  Continue reading “The Anxious Christian: Just Pray About It?”

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Just Me and My Selfishness

I am a selfish person. This took me many, many years to finally and freely admit, but it’s true. It’s partially because of my personality, and partially because of my anxiety. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter – selfishness is selfishness. And it’s a relationship killer. It’s destructive. I hate it.  Continue reading “Just Me and My Selfishness”



We can’t be good at everything. I know that. I’ve never considered myself a perfectionist. For example, In grade 3, my best friend at the time failed a math test. So did I. She cried for 10 minutes. I wondered why she cared so much. In high school, I was happy with 70’s. Although I aim for much higher now that I’m in university, I’m still not hard on myself when it comes to school. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to my personal space either. I’m disorganized. I’m a slob. I’m messy. I’m perfectly fine with making mistakes when it comes to work – I know that I will learn from them. However, when it comes to personal failures, I feel like the world is about to end.  Continue reading “Failures”