Thank You!


This past week, I reached over 500 followers! I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever read a post, shared something on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, commented, or participated on my blog in any way. I have had this blog since 2013 and boy have things changed!

I used to be terrified, and maybe even a little ashamed, to write about my struggles with mental health. This blog has helped me in so many ways, from learning to be okay with who I am, to meeting so many other AMAZING people who not only understand what I’m going through, but have offered me advice and love and support along the way.

Thank you everyone! I probably would have given up blogging a long time ago if it wasn’t for this amazing little community :)

Isaiah 41:10


Isaiah 41:10 – Basically the favourite scripture verse of all anxious Christians. I took the background photo for the image above when I visited Prince Edward Island with my family three years ago. This verse reminds me of that vacation because I found it around that same time.

Aside from when I was a kid and memorized Bible verses because I wanted a candy reward in Sunday School, I think this is the first verse I truly memorized.

Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?


Something I’ve recently had to learn to differentiate is regular anxiety VS my actual anxiety disorders. Because I have generalized anxiety disorder, this can be a huge challenge. Still, it’s helpful for me to know when I’m having normal, my-life-is-really-busy-so-I-feel-stressed-out anxiety or actual I-shouldn’t-be-worried-about-this-but-I-am anxiety. How can I tell the difference?  Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder Or Regular Anxiety?”

Guest Post: Marriage and the Anxious Wife (Part One)


This is Jefferson. He’s always happy.

Hello readers of I’m Fine, Stop Asking! I am Lauren’s husband, Jefferson. Lauren told me she would really appreciate it if I wrote out a post on her blog as a guest writer, so here I am!
Because Lauren’s blog often focuses on her anxiety, I figured I could write about what it’s like being newly married to someone who suffers from it (as someone with zero previous experience dealing with anxiety). So, here are some (hopefully) helpful tips for people in relationships with anxiety.

Oops! I mean people with anxiety. Although sometimes I do feel like I’m in a relationship with anxiety itself. Anyway, this is a three part series outlining three things I’ve learned. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Guest Post: Marriage and the Anxious Wife (Part One)”

Like a Cat in a Cage


Yesterday, Jeff and I took our cat Oliver to the vet. Now, before Oliver, I had a cat for 10 years. Sophie. She hated the vet. She hated the carrier, she hated the car, she hated people, she hated everything. Oliver is different kine of cat. He loves people. He loves attention. He loves food and his toys and he even loves water! But, just like Sophie, he hates the car. And he hates his carrier. Getting him in that thing is like torture. For all parties involved. Continue reading “Like a Cat in a Cage”