When Everything and Nothing Matters: Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Dealing with anxiety and depression - nothing matters

What Do You Do When Everything and Nothing Matters…

In order to write this blog post, I have to write about something I’ve been avoiding talking about. The next transition. It’s not even a bad thing – actually, it should be exciting. So why don’t I want to talk about? Mostly because the more I actually talk about it the more real it will be. The more I’ll have to update you. The more people I’ll have to tell if things don’t work out. But here it goes. Continue reading “When Everything and Nothing Matters: Dealing With Anxiety & Depression”

I Am Depressed: Post-Holiday Update.


So, in my last post I spoke about dealing with a horrific combination of anxiety and depression. I’ve done everything I can to try to combat it (continuing to see my counsellor, talked about it with my husband and both sides of the family, talked to my mentor, talked to my pastor, prayed about it alone and with others, blogged about it, cried about it, accepted it…everything). It’s still not gone. And that’s okay.

Continue reading “I Am Depressed: Post-Holiday Update.”