The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)


Today I had an epiphany. Sort of. I realized I have become an adult. Kind of. It all started when I took my brother shopping for new pants this morning. I drove in my car that I realized was low in gas, so out of my money, I would have to pay to refill the tank. That was just the beginning. I owned my own car and got my own gas (though my parents paid for it) while I still lived at home too. No, it wasn’t until I was at the mall that I realized I am an actual adult.  Continue reading “The Day I realized I Had Grown Up. (Kind of)”

Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck


I think a lot of people worry about “becoming an adult” nowadays. It’s funny though, because I remember talking to my mom about this a while back. And she remembers being a child and wanting so desperately to become an adult, because childhood wasn’t fun for her. GASP! However, for a lot of us…(not all of us, I recognize that) being a child or a teenager WAS fun. And we didn’t have a lot of responsibility. And when you think of adulthood, you think “OMG THAT’S ALL IT IS! A PILE OF RESPONSIBILITIES!”  Continue reading “Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck”