Just Keep Sweeping – Or, Why Existential Dread Is The Worst Thing Ever

existential dread
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I don’t think I need to list out all of my anxiety issues again. If I did, it would take a while. I have pretty much stopped counting all of the phobias and conditions I’ve acquired over the years. I often talk about how my emetophobia is by far the worst of my anxiety disorders. And, for the most part, it is because it affects me every day. But if I am being honest, it’s actually not the very worst.

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On The Edge – Dealing With Nervous Breakdowns

on the edge

The last few weeks I have been extra anxious. I mean, I am always anxious, my normal is anxious. But every so often things get worse, and I have a full fledged meltdown. Thankfully, since moving in with my parents two months ago, I have not had a single one. But now, I’m on the edge. I’m on the verge. I can feel it. But hopefully this time, I can stop it.  Continue reading “On The Edge – Dealing With Nervous Breakdowns”


Never Would I Ever

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I have suffered from severe anxiety for my entire life. After living with crippling anxiety for so long, you tend to learn your boundaries. And because I know what happens if and when those boundaries are crossed (a horrendous panic attack or two), I’ve learned to be great at telling people “no.” Continue reading “Never Would I Ever”

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“What Did You Do With That?”

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Four long years ago, I wrote a post called “What Are You Going To Do With That?” I had just finished my second year of university, and knew I still had a long road ahead (I did some of my degree part-time).

If you don’t feel like reading that post, let me sum it up. I was frustrated with people constantly asking me what I was going to do with my degree (a bachelor of arts) for two reasons.  Continue reading ““What Did You Do With That?””

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Right now, things are going pretty well. (Although if you know me at all, you’ll know how terrifying that is for me to say). My husband Jefferson and I have been living (and doing well) in my parent’s basement for almost two months now, we are both thriving in our workplaces, and I finally feel like I have a stable community of people who care for me. But still, I feel…stuck.  Continue reading “Stuck”

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“What’s Wrong With You?” – An FAQ About Me

What's wrong with you - anxiety disorders FAQ

If you suffer from any mental health issues, you probably know that feeling when you are just so tired of explaining the same things over and over again. Sometimes, explaining my disorders or the reasons for my weird behaviour is embarrassing (which it shouldn’t be, but it feels that way), frustrating, or just plain hard. This post is about 25% silliness and 75% seriousness. It is also 100% true.  Continue reading ““What’s Wrong With You?” – An FAQ About Me”

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Fear of Fear

In the 2016 study, Does ‘Fear Of Dying’ Indicate A More Severe Presentation Of Panic Disorder? Douglas Gazarian and researchers examine anxiety and panic disorder. The researchers write:

“Theory on anxiety sensitivity suggests that individuals with PD [panic disorder] have a heightened fear of anxiety symptoms (i.e., “fear of fear”).”

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