It’s Happening! We’re Getting a Puppy!


In a recent blog post, I word vomited my way through a lot of things I have been feeling lately. One of those things was the decision to get a second dog – a German Shorthaired Pointer, the breed of dog I have wanted for the last 13 years. Yes, years. Because I spent much of my childhood and early teenage years researching dog breeds. Like a weirdo.

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I Finished Stats.

This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me…(see here and  here and here) it is.

For the last THREE years I’ve tried to take this (required) course and dropped out every time. I took the first half of it three years ago and halfway through dropped it – meaning I lost all the money I put into that class.

Last year, I tried to take that class again so I could graduate in June 2016. I took it…and dropped it. Thankfully I dropped it BEFORE the drop date, so I got refunded.

This year I had no choice. It was the last class I needed to graduate, and, if I actually wanted to graduate I finally had to take it.

And I did.

And it was painful. And it was hard. And it caused me A LOT of anxiety. And I put more work into that class than any other class I’ve ever taken and still didn’t get great marks.

But it’s over. And I (think) I got a B! IT’S DONE!



I Removed a Post.

I’ve never removed a just-written post before because I do my best to keep my posts civil and non-offensive, so I haven’t seen a reason to.

Today I wrote a post called “Eye Infections.” I was basically just ranting about why my dog’s recurring eye infections, annoying phone issues, and current health issues were frustrating me and how I missed church because I couldn’t stop crying.

Honestly, a pretty typical post for me lately.

Any other day, I wouldn’t have thought twice about leaving that post up.

A few minutes after I posted that rant, I saw a link titled “NYU Student’s 9/11 Video From Her Dorm Room Is Just Now Going Viral…Almost 15 Years Later.”  I opened it up. I remembered what day it was.

I essentially cried through that whole video clip. That is a real reason to cry. Not eye infections or shady use phone stores.

I don’t like to downplay people’s emotions. Just because something tragic happened doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to feel sad when you fail or test or when your cat dies or when a date gets cancelled.

But today is not the day to rant about my stupid phone or sick dog.

Though I’m Canadian, and 9/11 happened when I was just 9 years old, it affected me more than a lot of things. I can’t imagine the people who were actually there, or lost loved ones on that day.

Here is the video I watched for anyone who can’t access the first link.

“A Blessing In Disguise”


If you read my last post or two, you probably heard about my husband’s car accident. It totalled our car, caused a lot of anxiety for me (obviously), and made our already busy lives even busier. Thankfully, my husband came out of it without a scratch. Warning: this is going to be one of my ranty posts.  Continue reading ““A Blessing In Disguise””

Life Lessons at the Eye Doctor

One Sunday evening in December, I noticed a strange visual disturbance in the peripheral of my left eye.

It kind of looked like TV static – similar to the visual noise you may see when you stand up too quickly. Except, I didn’t stand up too quickly. I was just sitting down. It came out of nowhere. It was late. I was tired. I ignored it.  Continue reading “Life Lessons at the Eye Doctor”