Making a Safe Space: Our DIY Master Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom Reno

I mentioned in my last post that my husband and I were in the process of renovating our bedroom – something I have wanted to do for over a year, but was a less-urgent project that we would ‘get to eventually.’ Well, ‘eventually’ finally came! Check out our latest project – our DIY master bedroom renovation!

My husband, Jefferson, and I have been married for four years. Over the course of our first three years, we moved four times.

It wasn’t until the fouth time (and hopefully the last time for a long time!) that we actually owned our own home.

With owning an (older) home, came lots of renovations. The house we bought was a great price – because it needed a lot of work. There was a huge sauna, pool, and pond in the backyard that needed to go.

The bathrooms were dated, nothing had been updated in decades, and there was a small leak in the basement.

So, we took care of all the major things – which as I’m sure you can image, was fairly costly.

Because of that, we didn’t really have the time, energy, or budget to renovate our bedroom – until now!

Our DIY Master Bedroom Renovation

Our bedroom was a mish-mash of hand-me-downs and furniture leftover from our childhood bedrooms.

The headboard was my husband’s from his youth. The dressers – I got those as a gift…as a baby. The bedside tables? My cousin’s old ones. The decor? There literally was none.

The paint was just what was here from before we moved in. Literally, EVERYTHING was off-white, including the trim and even the plugs.

Yes, the previous owners painted the plugs too. The carpets were really worn down, stained, and just generally gross.

Our entire bedroom was disorganized. Because we kind of (i.e. seriously) hated the bedroom, we typically put zero effort into keeping it clean or organized.

You can tell from the “tidied up” before picture below.


old bedroom

Everything was off-white and nothing was organized


So, after over a year of dealing with a bedroom we both seriously disliked, we decided it was finally time to do something about it.

Our budget was smaller this time, so we knew it would be a DIY project. We also knew it would be a big project.

For the first step, I took to Pinterest and made a bedroom renovation inspiration board. Here’s one of the inspiration pictures that guided a lot of our colour choices and decor:



Style and colour inspiration for our project; Source:


I also really wanted a dark accent wall. That was another thing I noticed I kept adding to my Pinterest board. One wall in our bedroom happens to have textured wallpaper – it’s actually kind of cool in a retro way.

We decided instead of removing the wallpaper, we would paint over it in a dark grey, and that it would (hopefully) look great with the new, white furniture we chose. So, that was the first thing Jefferson got started on.


accent wall (1)

Painting the accent wall – I was a bit worried at first!


When Jefferson put the first coat on, I was, to be honest, kind of scared! It was SO dark. Definitely a change from the off-white…everything. But then, when the other walls were painted a complementary grey, things really started to come together.

After all the painting was done, it was time to rip up the carpet – something we had never done before. We knew there were hardwood floors underneath, but had NO idea what shape they’d be in.

We had planned three days to sand and stain, with one of our handy friends who volunteered to help. However…


wood floors (1)

The floors, right after we pulled off the carpet


Aside from a few scratches here and there, a small amount of water/mould damage on a single board (you can kind of see the dark board along the left side of the image), the floors were in amazing condition.

After we swept and cleaned up the floors, we realized…we didn’t need to do anything to them. They were just fine!

Jefferson used a mould remover on the damaged board and then re-stained and sealed it. It is still a noticeably different colour than the other boards, but it’s in a spot mostly hidden by our new baseboards, so we left it as-is.

After that, my dad came over and helped us install the trim. If you see in one of the earlier pictures, our closet door didn’t have any trim around it, so we added that, as well as new baseboards around the whole room.


before and after (1)

Before and after!


So, as you can see from some of the ‘after’ photos, you’ve already seen a glimpse into our new furniture! Well, for that, we have to thank IKEA.

Honestly, when you’re on a budget, IKEA is great. It may not be the highest quality furniture around, but it looks amazing and definitely gets the job done.

In total, for this project, we got:

  • New 6-drawer dresser
  • Two bedside tables
  • New headboard
  • Three throw pillows
  • Two pillowcases
  • Little knick-knacks
  • A house plant
  • Four frames
  • Two lamps
  • Wooden hangers
  • Large area rug
  • Four clear storage boxes

All of this came out to less than $1,500 – which is pretty amazing, considering some other dressers we looked at were well over that price…just for the dresser.

The only things we had from before the renovation were the pictures we put up on the walls, a few pieces of decor on our dresser, our bedding, and the blinds (which we bought a few months ago to replace the falling-apart curtains and blinds that used to be in our bedroom).


bedroom_reno (1)

It took an entire day to put together all the furniture – but it was worth it (thanks, Jefferson!)


Once we put all the furniture up, it REALLY started to hit us how much of a transformation our bedroom went through.


bedroom3 (1)

From dreary and dated – to modern and inviting!


This, somehow, only took us three days to complete. Three very, very long days. I think the first day, Jefferson worked for 14 hours straight – from trips to Home Depot, to painting, to planning what was next.

On the final day, we put up the ‘finishing touches’ – which included framed pictures (I made the J and L!), our new light fixture, and some decor I had been wanting to display…somewhere!


bedroomrenovation4 (1)

I still can’t believe this is my bedroom!


So, there you have it! Our three day, DIY master bedroom renovation – completed on a budget of less than $2,000 (and, according to Fixr, the ‘budget’ renovation’ average cost is $2,430!)

Renovating our bedroom wasn’t just so we could have a “Pinterest worthy” room. My bedroom has ALWAYS been my safe space – but the way our bedroom was before, definitely did not feel safe.

Now, everything feels fresh, new, inviting, and most importantly – clean! No more gross stains on the carpet, or dirt marks from the previous owners on the walls.

We truly ‘took back’ our bedroom, and I think out of all the projects we’ve done, this is the one I’m the most proud of!


68684174_2155478338082651_7917304221949493248_n (1)


P.S. You can read about some of our previous renovations here:



Planning Your Own DIY Master Bedroom Renovation?

Here are some helpful resources that you may want for your own DIY master bedroom renovation!

I would highly recommend starting a Pinterest board, even if you don’t normally use it. It really helped me narrow down my design and style choices, choose the colours I liked, and helped me pin my favourite IKEA items so I could keep track of costs.


If any of you have ever completed a bedroom renovation, I’d love to hear about it too!

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