Spring Cleaning For Your Mental Health


I recently heard about “Spring Cleaning” for your health – and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Turns out, it could mean two things; spring cleaning your brain (as in, working on ways to ‘clean’ your mental health) or it could mean actual cleaning – like your house – in order to help you feel better. I’m going to focus on the second of these two options.

Spring has definitely sprung here in Southern Ontario – the snow turned to slush and then melted at such a quick pace that it destroyed every inch of grass in my backyard and turned it to swampy mud. Ah, spring!

I have recently been thinking about the concept of Spring cleaning. It’s not really something I have ever done in the past – why should a season dictate when I clean?! But now that I am a homeowner, I definitely see its purpose.

Over the winter, your house just gets…dirtier. No matter how often you clean, your dogs will drag in tons of moisture, dirt, and mud. Salt builds up in unexpected places. And for me, I tend to feel a bit apathetic throughout the winter months – and my paperwork has definitely suffered.

Because of that, I am trying to do my share of spring cleaning this year. When I read about spring cleaning, a lot of people try to focus on EVERYTHING in their home. Just thinking about that is overwhelming! So I decided to simply focus on three things.

Three of the ‘worst’ areas in (and outside) my home that could really use some help this year – that’s all I’m going to focus on. As I’ve done some research on taking back these areas, I thought I would share some of the things I’ve learned.



1. Spring Cleaning Your Office

My home office is sort of spread into two areas of my home. Because I work entirely from home, I have a bedroom dedicated as my office. But, I also have ‘mini office’ in our living room – it’s just a desk and a calendar.

However, over time, both spaces have become disorganized – especially my main office, which is nearly unusable right now as it’s transformed slowly into a reno headquarters and storage room. So, as I started to work on my office, here are some tips for spring cleaning a home office that you may find helpful too!

  • Start with the desk – papers often pile up your desk, and it’s a good idea to organize those first before you get ‘deeper’ in
  • Buy/use a shredder – Confidential information can come in the form of bank information, credit card statements, pay stubs, and more everyday records. I tend to ignore these things because I don’t feel like hand shredding them, and then they stack up. Buy or utilize your shredder for safe and easy disposal of records!
  • Organize your filing cabinet – Don’t just let your filing cabinet collect paper after paper for years on end. Keep it organized and use a system – alphabetical, colour-coded, whatever works best for you!


2. Spring Clean Your Shed

Ah, our shed. It’s missing a window, the doors don’t close, and it’s a beautiful blush pink with hints of rust and dirt spots.

For a long time, I wanted to just get rid of it – but aside from the colour and some issues with the windows and doors (which my handy dad is able to fix!) it’s actually in pretty good shape.

So, instead of destroying it and getting my dream shed, we’re going to try to turn this one into a useable space for the time being, Here are some tips for spring cleaning your shed if you’ve found yourself in a similar position as me:

  • Organize Your Shelves – Or in my case, add some shelves. Leaving tools and paint or other cans on the floor is a great way to hurt yourself, break your gardening tools, or knock over your cans. Shelves are necessary!
  • Wash Your Shed – Over time, your shed will become gross and dirty too. Cleaning your shed both inside and out will help it last longer and look great for longer (so you won’t be tempted to buy that beautiful shed from Home Depot every time you visit)
  • Throw Away – Get rid of old things you don’t need. Schedule a day to ‘purge’ when you aren’t working so you can head over to the dump if you need to get rid of things such as old paint cans or pesticides.


3. Spring Clean Your Car

Yes, not really part of my house, but definitely the most stressful thing I need to do (yeah – even more than my office). Unfortunately, Jefferson and I are kind of car slobs. Our house is generally clean and organized for the most part aside from some office clutter – but our car doesn’t get the same star treatment.

Our car is gross. Like, really gross. It smells like dog right now, it definitely has old food hiding out in the back, there are wrappers on the floors, and we failed to clean up a few coffee spills…so, yeah, it’s bad.

That is not to mention the toll that the Canadian winter has had on our car. The mats are CAKED in salt and dirt, and the outside really needs a thorough wash too.

Thankfully, I actually enjoy cleaning my car. Every spring I have done some level of spring cleaning in my vehicle – but I feel like it always fell a bit short. This year, I’m going to follow these thorough tips and hopefully I end up with a cleaner (less smelly) car!

Also, here’s a helpful checklist if you’re planning to spring clean your car too!


Source: Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Car



So, there you have it. Are you planning to do any spring cleaning this year? I might post about my shed renovation and car cleaning as I get to that (it’s still a tad bit cold right now) so I actually have the motivation to get it done sooner than later!

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