It’s Happening! We’re Getting a Puppy!


In a recent blog post, I word vomited my way through a lot of things I have been feeling lately. One of those things was the decision to get a second dog – a German Shorthaired Pointer, the breed of dog I have wanted for the last 13 years. Yes, years. Because I spent much of my childhood and early teenage years researching dog breeds. Like a weirdo.

Anyway, it’s official. After months of looking for breeders, filling out applications, talking on the phone – I found a breeder I love and put down the deposit. We’re getting a puppy!


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And, it looks like we may be getting a puppy sooner than we planned. Because we want a female (we already have a male dog and want to avoid any potential same-sex aggression issues), and our breeder’s most recent litter just happened to have a ton of females.

It’s not a for sure thing, but it’s likely. The way many breeders work is that they will select a puppy for you, one they think will suit your lifestyle the best. If by chance there are no puppies that would be good for us (for example, if all of them turn out to be PERFECT for hunting families), then I would wait until the next litter.

But as of right now, it looks like our lives may be getting a bit crazy in SEPTEMBER, rather than next spring like we were initially planning for. Still, this is a lot more advanced planning than we had with Max.

With Max, we walked into the SPCA on a Thursday, and brought him home Saturday morning – not knowing if we would even be getting a puppy for sure. So, it’s been really nice getting to plan things a bit better. Being prepared. Saving up for those expensive puppy vet bills and all those teething toys.

I am also really proud of myself. I was scared to tell my parents because I definitely have a bad case of people-pleasing anxiety. I was worried they would be ‘judgey’ since we initially said we’d be getting a puppy a year from now. But then I remembered my OWN blog post, and how I am a 26-year-old married woman who no longer needs permission or even approval from my parents to do what I want.

So, I told them. I got over my fears. And I am SO excited for (hopefully) September, but in general this upcoming year. Getting this new pooch is not just about having a second dog, but also about fulfilling a dream I’ve had for over a decade – to join the exciting world of dog sports! (Ideally, agility).

Anyway, I will keep you guys posted on this and other things. I have been dealing with some health issues and going for a zillion tests in the midst of this, but I thought I would focus on the exciting stuff instead of the negative right now.

4 thoughts on “It’s Happening! We’re Getting a Puppy!

  1. How exciting! Also, I needed to read this today: I am a 26-year-old married woman who no longer needs permission or even approval from my parents to do what I want. (OK, I’m neither married nor a woman and I’m a lot over 26, but the point still stands.)

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