Home Renovations: Two Broke Millennials Edition (Part 2)

Copy of Home Renovations2.png

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So, we have been living in our new house for almost exactly one month now! And it has been a busy one month. We have three months to complete scheduled renovations that are covered by a program we opted into, so our timeline is quite…small. Though we have done a lot of work inside (basement renovations in progress, installed a new furnace & new electrical panel, added in new floors, and more) one of my personal favourite projects is the backyard reno. 

It is obvious that the people who lived here before LOVED their backyard. Probably spent countless hours basking in their above ground pool and fully functional SAUNA (yes, sauna). It’s also obvious they loved gardening, because our backyard is a forest of sorts.

I can definitely appreciate how much they loved their home and yard. They completely customized everything just for them! But now, this is our house. And my idea of a perfect yard is essentially one big open grassy field with a small garden in the back.

So the first thing we did was demolish the above ground pool. Some people wonder why we would want to get rid of a pool, but it was old and damaged and also, I just don’t want a pool taking up my entire yard.

So now, we have a big sand pit! I wish I had before pictures of the pool, but I was a little sad about the yard and forgot to take pictures of what it looked like before. In a sense, these are also “before” pictures because we haven’t had the landscaper come and fix up our mess yet.


As you can see, when I say mess, I really mean mess. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get this yard where I want it to be – but that’s okay. Even just removing the pool, I can start to envision my dream yard.


You may see a huge pile of mud, stone, and mushy grass, but I see a warm, sunny summer morning, drinking coffee and watching Max run around in his own yard. Finally, his own yard!

But, there is actually more to our backyard than you can see in this picture. As we explored our backyard when we first bought the house, we discovered a hidden sanctuary in the back.


When this area pictured above was covered with layers of snow, we had no idea it existed. But when things began to melt, we found out our backyard goes back even further. We also discovered we had inherited some friends…


Yup. We are now the owners of about 10 koi (goldfish? I don’t know) that survived the winter! At first, I absolutely wanted to fill in this pond and give away the fish. I have no idea how to care for an outdoor pond.

But after sitting there watching my little fish buddies, I just can’t get rid of them now. I will probably fence off this area to make sure Max doesn’t bug these little guys and keep them for the summer – then we’ll figure out if we want to keep the pond or not.

Anyway, this is far from a “before and after” post, but things are coming along! All I’ve ever wanted was a small house with a big yard. I love the outdoors. I love gardening (in theory, I’ve never actually had a garden before!) I love bird watching and dog training and sitting outside.

And after all of this, I am actually not stressed about our renovations at all! The strict timeline is a little bit of a stress point for me, but overall, things have been really good. Listening to the birds chirping and watching the sun slow into our yard has definitely made all of this worth it!


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