Home Renovations: Two Broke Millennials Edition (Part 1)

Home Renovations

Hey everyone! I have been a bit AWOL lately, but I think I have a pretty good excuse this time – Jefferson and I are finally homeowners! We officially owned our home on Wednesday and have been travelling across the city almost every single day since then to work on our first set of renovations. Since I promised in one of my Two Broke Millennials Go House Hunting posts that I would keep you updated on our future renovations…here we go!

We currently live an hour away from our new house, so the commute + the work has taken up almost all of our time. However, we have gotten a lot done in just four days!

During all of this, I was surprisingly calm. After we got the keys to our house and all the stressful lawyer stuff was over and done with, my anxiety (mostly) lifted and I immediately felt like this house was my home.

This house is special. It had the same owners for 50 years until they passed away. It is so clear that they LOVED this house. They took great care of it. They made it their own – and now it’s time to make it ours.

One of the first things we did was paint the walls. Nothing in the house was a crazy colour or anything, but the off-white walls in the living room and kitchen had seen better days and made the room look…old.

So the very first day we painted almost the entire main floor (except the wallpaper, which we actually like!)





We also invested in some new baseboards. The original ones were dated and damaged. My dad’s friend helped us install our new laminate floors (I’ll get to that soon!) and he told us that our old baseboards would look awful against our modern flooring.

So we hauled our butts back to Home Depot for like, the 20th time, and reluctantly picked out new baseboards. We honestly had zero idea what we were doing, and assumed baseboards were super expensive. They weren’t. $80 for the entire main floor – and what a huge difference that $80 made!

I spent the next half-day painting the baseboards by myself, which was…painful to say the least. But I got it done while my husband worked and only got a few tiny drips of paint on the floor…

Speaking of floors, check out our new kitchen/hallway flooring!





The floors you see in the first picture are not tile, but linoleum. Though I was clearly not a fan of these floors, the fact that it was linoleum and not tile made our lives a lot easier. Tile, apparently, is not fun to rip out. But linoleum is a piece of cake to either remove or put new flooring on top of!

So, that is almost everything we have done in the last four days. We also painted our kitchen cabinets white (I forgot to take pictures of those…) and began a bathroom renovation (we hired someone to do that!)

I’ve also decided to track my anxiety throughout this process, and I am trying really hard to stay in the “kind of chill” area (kind of chill is my base because I am never really calm).


Right now, I am feeling pretty good. We hit a (hopefully minor) snag last night when we found a leaking pipe in our SAUNA. Yes, we now have a fully functional sauna separate from the house in our backyard, which I absolutely DO NOT want, but we probably have to deal with it for a while because it is expensive to remove.

That stupid pipe is the only reason I am not currently in “kind of chill” – overall this has been a way better experience than I anticipated. I like getting this work done and feel accomplished after a long day of work.

Stay tuned for more renovation updates coming soon!

14 thoughts on “Home Renovations: Two Broke Millennials Edition (Part 1)

  1. look forward to seeing more updates on your renovations. My family are currently living in an older home and about to undergo some major renovation works while living in it. I envy the fact your not living in yours during the renos

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