Two Broke Millennials Go House Hunting: Part Two

Two Broke Millennials

I probably should have written this part earlier, but things have been busy. So, this is more of a recap of the last few weeks. To catch up on our house hunting adventure, read part one here

So, let me just say this again one more time: house hunting sucks. I tried to stay positive during the process, I tried to find it “fun,” but the more and more I spoke to other people who went through the house hunting ordeal recently, I learned that no one finds house hunting fun. And that was honestly kind of relieving.

I was worried that like some other big decisions in my life, I would worry my way through it instead of just enjoying the process. Like my engagement – I regret how stressed and indifferent I was during those eight months.

Eight months I could have enjoyed bonding with my mom and girlfriends, reading through wedding magazines, and getting excited about my wedding. But, that just isn’t really the kind of person I am. Weddings don’t do anything for me. But still, looking back, I could have enjoyed everything more.

Anyway, I realized that house hunting would not be one those times. House hunting was even stressful and hard for people who don’t have anxiety! So I just came to terms with this and moved forward, pretty relieved that it was normal to not love this stage of our lives. That maybe this time it was okay to live in the “almost.”

Anyway, when you’re house hunting, you have to decide on a lot of things. How much are you willing (at all) to go over your budget? How much (if any) work do you want to put into your new house? What are you willing to compromise on?

And it was during this process that I realized how INCREDIBLY important it is to figure out your answer to that last question…and stick to it.

Two weeks ago we put an offer on a townhouse. It was gorgeous on the inside. It was an almost brand new home, so…everything inside was modern and brand new. It was big. It was the only house we saw that had an ensuite bathroom, and everything was just. so. clean. It was a little above our price range, but we knew we wouldn’t have to fix or renovate, so it made sense.

But before we started the house hunting process, I said, “absolutely no townhouses.” I do not like townhouses. I never have. I’ve always wanted a big yard. That’s all I have ever really cared about. Before we went house hunting, I told my husband I would much rather have a tiny, old house on a big property than a beautiful, new house with no backyard. I said “I am not willing to compromise on the yard.”

Except, I did. As soon as I saw the inside of that house, my brain malfunctioned. The whole house looked like an Ikea catalog and I got distracted from what I knew deep down I truly wanted.


^ Me getting distracted by beautiful stainless steel appliances

All of a sudden, I threw away my dream house with the big backyard and quaint interior for a house I didn’t really want. But I was so in love with the inside of the house, we decided to put an offer in.

And then, a few hours later, I freaked out.

I regretted my decision. What was I thinking?! I would never have my backyard now. I would never have my privacy. I would never get to sit out on my front porch and sip warm coffee on a quiet morning without seeing five other neighbours hustling and bustling about. I needed a house where I would feel safe and secure – and I would never feel that way in that townhouse.

When our offer fell through, I was beyond relieved. And after that, I TRULY realized that I was not willing to compromise on what I really wanted. A little house with a big yard. A place where I can play all day with Max. Where I can have family get-togethers and put up a bird-feeder and sit and listen to their songs in the early morning.

You can update a house, but you can’t add a backyard. You can’t get rid of your too-close-for-comfort neighbours. You can’t create privacy out of thin air.

So anyway, with that said, we knew what we wanted this time for sure, and narrowed down our search. And I may have some good news to share with you guys soon…

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One thought on “Two Broke Millennials Go House Hunting: Part Two

  1. This sounds so typical of house-hunting.
    I think the only people who enjoy it might be millionaires who can afford whatever they choose and pay people to move and re-decorate everything for them.
    Best wishes

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