My Worst Fears Reimagined As Movie Posters


Sometimes, it’s good to make fun of yourself. When it comes to my anxiety disorders, I do this pretty often. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be able to function.

I’ve reimagined a few of my biggest fears as movies. It’s okay. You can laugh at me. Or with me I guess, because I’m laughing too.

1. “RABIES” – Horror 

It’s her own dog – and she knows he’s had all his shots. But when little Max
bites her finger, panic ensues. Were his rabies shots effective? Did he somehow catch it without her knowledge? Could Max be a killer? 

Dog image source 


2. “EXPIRED” – Horror 

She drank expired milk, now what? Could one glass of expired
milk really be enough to kill an adult woman? 

Milk Carton source 


3. “EVERY DISEASE IMAGINABLE” – Romantic Drama/Comedy

After a seemingly normal check-up at the doctor’s, 24-year-old Lauren finds
she has literally every single disease in the book. Will her husband’s love
be enough to get them both through this dark time? 

Bandaged Heart source, Other heart source 


4. “THE VOMITING” – Horror 

It never happens – except for when it finally does. After fourteen years of a vomit-free life, Lauren must face her biggest fear. Will she make it out alive? 

Bathroom image: Abandoned NYC


5. “TRAFFIC 2: TRAFFIC AT NIGHT” – Psychological Thriller

What happens when a young married couple gets stuck in midnight traffic for over three hours? Will this couple be able to survive the most intense panic attack ever recorded? 

Traffic image: The Generalist 


5 thoughts on “My Worst Fears Reimagined As Movie Posters

  1. This is awesome!! My Mother and I often make dark jokes about our depression and anxiety. It helps lighten everything up and makes mental health an easier subject to approach.

  2. Just wasted 2 mins listening to a ‘well-respected’ (fashionable) British satirist ranting incomprehensibly
    Your post is far more witty and like all good wit is so accurate.
    Well done!
    “Expired” could be me

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