Eye Infections


[This is the removed post, that is now reposted at a more appropriate time]

About a month ago, my husband and I went on vacation with my parents and my brother. It was the first time I left my puppy in the care of someone else (thankfully, it was my aunt and uncle so that helped ease the anxiety). I was so sure that something would happen to him while we were away. Of course, that was just my pessimism shining through – but the fact remains, I was actually right. 

Here’s a recent picture of Max with his eyes going in two different directions, for some reason.

It wasn’t anything serious. My aunt brought him to the vet right away. It was an eye infection. But it still cost us money and a weeks worth of wrestling Max down to get eye drops in his squinty little eyes.

A few weeks later, after we’ve returned from our vacation, we bring Max back to the vet because his eyes look a little red.

“You have nothing to worry about,” our vet says. “That redness is just his third eyelid.”

Well, we feel pretty stupid.

“As long as there is no discharge, you are totally fine! Has there been any green discharge?”

Nope! No green discharge, no yellow discharge, no discharge at all. And trust me, I’m one of those annoying, hyper-attentive pet owners, so I know.

So happy that we can finally stop with the drops, we return home and spend the day with Jefferson’s mom. We have an awesome time exploring our new city, getting ice cream by the water, and doing a bit of shopping. We come home. I take out Max. I look at his eyes. GREEN DISCHARGE.

I honestly wanted to swear. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He was just at the vet less than five hours ago. In the last week, he has had NO discharge, and then, five hours after we bring him home from the vet…his eye is squinty, red (actually red) and oozing green discharge.

We call the vet and instead of having us bring him in again and spend money on a third visit, she just gives up more drops. Awesome. That was three weeks ago.

This morning, a week after he’s finished his second round of drops…what do we see? Discharge. I’m ready to explode. On top of this, I ALSO have an eye infection! I am so convinced they are related, but apparently that is not possible and my eye infection is actually a stye – an common eye ailment. But seriously, what are the chances?

When so many little (or relatively big things) happen all at once, I don’t have the capacity to handle them in a healthy way. My dog’s eye infections, in the grand scheme of things, are not a big deal. But this all began at the same time as my husband’s car accident, AND at the same time my phone broke.

Let me vent a bit about my phone and then I’ll be done because I could write forever this morning.

I bought a phone from one of those sketchy used phone places. It seemed great at first and was apparently new. Within a week, it broke. I still had the warranty on it and everything. Well, they were not honest about their warranty. They refused to replace my phone (even though they said they would when I returned it STILL in it’s package with the headphones and charger).

Instead, they said we were lying to them. We broke the phone. Apparently. So they forced us to pay for the screen they fixed WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, did not return my headphones and charger (also saying we lied about giving them the original case).

The eventually replaced the charger after my husband exploded on them, but that charger broke less than a week later. Then my phone died. Then it resurrected. And now, the camera doesn’t work on it.

Anyway, this whole phone saga + my dog’s eye infections are really getting to me. Way more than it should. I couldn’t even go to church this morning because I couldn’t stop crying.

I’m seriously just so tired of everything right now.


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