So, I Dropped Stats. Again.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember this post. I wrote it a little over two years ago at the end of February 2014. You also right remember this more recent post. Long story short: Two years ago, I dropped a required statistics course in the middle of the semester because I felt overwhelmed with my anxiety(I was in my third year). This semester, (my fifth year) I took the class again. And I dropped it. Again.

See, the problem is…I need the class to graduate. I cannot graduate from the sociology half of my degree without this class. My fifth year was supposed to be my final year. Well, guess what, it’s not gonna be my last anymore.

Thankfully, I dropped this class BEFORE the drop date. This means I got all my money back (unlike the first time, where I did not get reimbursed).

The class is not offered in the summer, as I found out yesterday.

So, yeah. I have to go back in the fall. I have to go back for a sixth year.

But you know what? I don’t regret it.

no ragrets, amirite?

Just kidding. But seriously, I do not regret dropping the class.

Honestly, I do wish I had stuck it out in my third year. Compared to right now, my life back then was a beautiful, cliché piece of cake. I was single (well, technically my now-husband, then-boyfriend and I had JUST met but things were far from serious). I only had two other classes (easy classes). I had no job. I had no car to worry about or any other responsibilities.

Looking back on my third year two years older and two years “wiser,” I totally think I would have been able to take stats with very little issues. I was already five weeks into the course, with about a 65-70% average. Not amazing, but I was passing.

I thought my life was too stressful then. I thought my life was too busy then. I thought I couldn’t handle it. And yeah, I guess, maybe I was right. I was two years younger than I am now, and had significantly less life experience.

But now, oh man…now. I am SURE I made the right decision. So what if I have to go back to school for 12 weeks for this one class? It’s not ideal. It’s not perfect. But my health – both my mental health and physical health – need to come first.

And I know that if I took statistics THIS semester, I would truly be overwhelmed.

Although my mental health has improved, I still struggle daily with both anxiety and depression. Taking a stressful course along with three other classes would not have been the right move.

So, yeah. I dropped stats again. And it kind of messed up my plans for the future. But guess what. Anxiety does that. Depression does that. I’d rather take things slow than ruin my emotional and mental health by rushing to graduate university.

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