Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic

[Note: Photoshop is currently not working so I can’t put up my usual post banner yet. I was a little annoyed about this, and then I realized what my post topic was about. So yeah…no big deal]

I am easily annoyed. I know this about myself. The smallest things, with the right conditions, can drive me into a rage. I know it’s horrible, and I hate it. Some of these small things include: slow walking people, slow driving cars, people literally just existing around me, people breathing loudly, people chewing loudly, my printer not working fast enough…etc. You get the point. The list could go on. But you know my number one? It’s getting stuck in traffic. 

I’m impatient on the road. Getting stuck in traffic not only infuriates me, it causes me anxiety because I feel trapped. Last year, I was on my way to my most important class (the class that published my book), and BOOM. Stuck in traffic during a time when the highway was generally traffic-free. There was an accident, or construction, or something going on that altered the flow. And there I was, at 10:30 in the morning, totally spazzing out.

I remember yelling and swearing and whining to myself while a worship CD played softly in the background. I looked straight ahead at the unmoving traffic, and complained some more. And then, after a few minutes of this, I had a revelation.

I rarely have those kinds of moments, but for whatever reason, that morning I did. All of a sudden, I realized how lucky I was to be stuck in traffic.

Do you know what being stuck in traffic meant for me?

First of all, it meant that I had the ability and means to drive myself wherever I wanted to go.
For me, it meant that I owned my very own car, that I could afford at 22 years old.
Being stuck in traffic that morning on my way to school meant that I was a student at one of Canada’s best universities, studying exactly what I loved (writing), on my way to a class where at the end of it, I would have a published book.

Being frustrated that I was stuck in traffic meant that my biggest problem was being stuck in traffic. 

Honestly, since this revelation about a year ago, I still get annoyed at traffic sometimes. But for the most part, I remember that morning and realize every time I’m stuck in traffic, I should be rejoicing. I should be thanking God that traffic is my biggest problem. I should be thanking God that everything in my life lead up to the moments when I’m stuck in traffic on my way to school, or when I’m visiting my family, or when I’m just out and about by myself.

I have a long way to go, but I’m realizing the little, “annoying” things in life really just show me all the things I could and should be thankful for.

3 thoughts on “Why I Should Rejoice When I’m Stuck in Traffic

  1. Been a long time since I’ve been stuck in traffic going to school but I still get stuck in traffic and ditto to your reaction. By GOD’s grace I will remember your post when I’m parked on the highway.

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