5 Things All [Anxious] 20-year-olds should do before they turn 30




Time to travel the world! You’re twenty! So young! Be free! Every twenty year old needs to travel or you are completely missing out on life’s greatest treasures. What a waste of your young, free, fun, life. You go down to your local Wal-Mart right now. You march up to the front aisle. You pick up that beautiful National Geographic magazine, and you take that baby home. Curl up in your warm, comfortable, safe bed and pop open that front page. Woah! The world at your finger tips. That was some exhausting traveling you just did there. Good for you!



Ah, yes, now that you’re twenty, and we can only assume you have limitless amounts of time and money and freedom, so you gotta pick a new hobby! You’re obviously so boring right now with those same old, teenage hobbies. It’s time for some new ones! There are so many options for new hobbies right at your fingertips! Hop on your computer or TV, and decide on thousands of new TV shows to binge. Are you into nature? Try some documentaries. What about true crime? Yeah, Netflix has that too. If you’re interested in cooking, they’ve got tons of great cooking shows. Learn to bake delicious desserts right from home!


Oh, wait. I’m already married.


the sims

So, you’re young. You can drink now (legally, assuming you live in Canada). Go out there, buy one beer and a copy of the Sims 3 University Life, upload that baby onto your computer or laptop, and have the time of your life! Be careful not to drink that beer too quickly though, wouldn’t want to upset your stomach. But go nuts with your sims! Oh yes, this is what being in your twenties is all about.

5. Move out


Ah, you’re getting tired of living with your parents. And if you’re in university, obviously you can’t be independent and free and learn how the world works while still living in your childhood bedroom. That’s why it’s time to pack up all your stuff, say good bye to your favourite teddy bear, and move into your parents basement. There, you’ll have all the freedom you’ve ever wanted, and no one to tell you you need to cool it on all those zany Sims parties.

Honestly, I’m so tired of all those Buzzfeed and EliteDaily and whatever-else-is-currently-popular.com’s posts about what I SHOULD or “NEED” to be doing as a young adult. Especially as someone with anxiety. I’m tired of being told that if I don’t travel, I’m missing out. I’m tired of being told that I need to play the field when I’ve already settled down. I’m tired of being told that if I don’t experiment and party, that I’ll have a midlife crisis at 35. Not everyone fits that mould. And I’m glad I don’t.

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