Starting Fresh…ish

I have had this blog for over two years now. And although I haven’t always been as consistent as I hoped, writing is my passion and I love this blog and the little community it’s generated since May 2013.

My husband Jeff and I always try our best to support each other in what we love doing. This summer, that meant I helped out with the day camp he ran at church and will be volunteering with him throughout the year. Although he can’t get as involved in my writing world as I can in the church world, he chose to support me by recommending I completely update and revamp my blog. I’m going premium! Which means I’m getting a domain (how exciting!)

Ellay’s Space will be no more (sort of) and is going to be history. Other than that, my blog will basically be the same except a little more personal. Like I’ve mentioned before, I used to be very private and I used code names for everyone and everything and I was a little paranoid about sharing pictures so I never did. Well, I wrote and published a book this past March and posted it on my blog…soooo…the privacy thing sort of flew out the window.

Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy the changes and keep reading! Thank you to all my followers who have stuck with me through the drought of the past 2 months and through the droughts of the past! You’re all awesome!

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