It’s a Busy Life


I’m not used to being busy. I usually do one thing at a time. During my first serious relationship, I wasn’t in university and I wasn’t working. We broke up when I started university. Then, I was just doing school. Life was easy. When I first started dating my now fiancé, it was the end of my third year of school. We had months of just being in a relationship. Well, I did. He worked. I didn’t. Then, I started school…and we got engaged. So I was engaged, and in school. And now, I’m getting married next month, just got a job, and have summer school coming up. 

It’s a busy life, and I’m not used to that. It’s kind of scary for me. I don’t know how to multi-task on a large scale. I feel overwhelmed. I constantly feel sick and run down and low on energy. The fact that I’ve been eating a lot of take-out lately probably doesn’t help with that.

As much as I just want to crawl into a hole and not worry about anything for the entire summer…I can’t do that anymore. I’m going to be a wife soon. And an employee. And a student. All at the same time. And I’m going to have to learn how to handle it. Because that’s just the way life is.

P.S. I am really happy about my new job though. It’s at a bookstore!

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