Crap Happens: Date Edition Part Two

You know what’s interesting about having a blog? It’s kind of like having a public diary. I can go back and read my entries from, at this point, almost two years ago. But so can you. Almost a year ago on March 26 2014, I wrote this post. And now, it’s happening again.


Yes, the lovely land of Canada – where even when it stops snowing, the weather still hates us. As the thick fog rolls in, I wonder “how am I going to make the hour’s drive to F’s house safely?” Well, the answer to that question was “You won’t. Wait until the fog goes away.” Three hours later, the lovely fog has decided to stay! OH JOY!

So, instead of doing what I told myself to do in my last Crap Happens: Date Edition post, I sulked. I whined. I called F and complained. When he offered a possible solution, I yelled at him. Because I didn’t want a solution. I didn’t want anyone to tell me “it’s gonna be okay,” I just wanted a pity party. I thought I was over pity parties. I thought I retired that party hat for good. Apparently not, because it is very easy to slip into old habits.

Yes, this morning I was supposed to go out for breakfast with my fiancé (I refer to him as F) and his sister. I was supposed to leave my house at 9 AM. Well, it is now 10:07 as I write this, and I am sitting at home at my desk, looking out my window begging the cold front to finally come and whisk away this dense fog. So far, no luck.

I hate to admit it, but I was so frustrated this morning I even cried a little. We have both been very stressed out with school lately. F is taking five classes, and happens to have four papers due all within two weeks of each other. So yeah, our dates have been a lot less “let’s go for coffee and dessert!” and a lot more like “Let’s go to the library for six hours and then watch Netflix all evening.” Yeah. SO, I was very excited to FINALLY have a break from all the libraries and studying and proof reading to finally go out and have a fun breakfast with F and my future-almost-sister-in-law.

But nooooo, the fog had to come.

So here I am, over my pity party, realizing that approximately a year ago I went through this same thing. Approximately a year ago, I had a much better attitude. I want to improve. I want to grow. It makes me sad reading my old post, seeing that I got over it in the past. Knowing that right now, it feels like I can’t get over it. But I can. And I already have for the most part.

I know that life is full of crap.

Here’s what I can only assume my future looks like:

Crap Happens: Wedding Edition
Crap Happens: First year of Marriage Edition
Crap Happens: Graduation Edition
Crap Happens: Inability to Figure Out My Career Edition
Crap Happens: Workplace Edition
Crap Happens: Pregnancy Edition
Crap Happens: Kid Edition
Crap Happens: Kid Edition Part Two
Crap Happens: Retirement Edition
Crap Happens: Nursing Home Edition

I have to embrace the crap. Because there’s going to be a lot of it. If I cry every single time something doesn’t go my way, I will probably cry every single day of my life. Besides, like I mentioned in my previous “Crap Happens” post, I know this is not a very Christian way to live. I need to rejoice every day, even the foggy ones.

So I already feel better. I should stop expecting things to go my way, and instead, just embrace whatever happens. Embrace the crap.

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