Adobe Indesign – I Hate You. (Not Really, But Kind Of)

I’ve realized it doesn’t take much to make me feel overwhelmed.

Apparently, ten minutes using a complicated computer program is enough to make me burst into tears. That is (kind of) pathetic. But that’s okay. Because I know I am (kind of) pathetic a lot of the time.

One of my professors, last semester, saw some potential in me. He decided I was a great candidate for this awesome class where you actually get to publish a book. Like, for real. We have to do all the designing ourselves. And that means we have to download this program called Adobe Indesign. Now, I’ve used photoshop and other Adobe programs before for various classes in high school and university. Typically, I consider myself a fairly tech savvy person.

But I was wrong. Oh, was I wrong.

Adobe – why do you hate me so?

I can’t figure this dumb program out. I mean, I’m kind of figuring it out. And once I HAVE figured it out, I’m sure I’ll love it. But right now, I’ve been wasting my time drawing the image below. I mean, drawing that picture sort of helped me learn some new things. Like how to add colour to images (that took me about 20 minutes to figure out). And how to create text boxes (that one only took me like, 4 minutes).

I am so easily overwhelmed that this program actually made me shed one whole tear this morning out of frustration.

Instead of whining or crying some more, I decided to just make a blog post about it. Because I mean, it’s kind of funny.

Instead of wallowing in the misery Indesign is causing me, I’ve decided to make light of the situation and not allow myself to feel overwhelmed with anxiety and a feeling of impending doom. I will be okay. Probably.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.59.12 AM

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