I’m Engaged…and I Got a Diamond Ring

Over a year ago, I wrote this post. Now, I am engaged. When I wrote that post, I hadn’t even met the man who would eventually be my fiancee. Actually, I wouldn’t meet him for another 8 months. And 8 months after that, we would get engaged.


Yes, it may seem fast.

But we are both very strong Christians, and we know this is what we want, and this is the best thing for us. I’m very excited. He is very excited. Both our families are very excited. It’s all good. The main reason I haven’t blogged in a long time is because I’ve been so, incredibly busy. And now, I’m going to be even busier as planning a wedding is a ridiculous amount of work. Like, too much work. Eloping sometimes seems like a wonderful alternative. But as my mother continually reminds me, “the wedding isn’t only about you!”

So, yes. I am getting married. I will be 23 when I get married, my fiancee will be 22. We didn’t “just know”. Actually, as sad as this sound, it took some convincing on my end …err…a lot of convincing. There were a lot of difficult days where we felt we weren’t on the same page. He was ready to move quickly much earlier than I was. And sometimes, it was hard for him to be patient with me. But he was. And here we are. And now I’m wearing a diamond. I’m, apparently, a hypocrite.

We made sure the diamond was conflict free. I had a lengthy talk with the lady who sold it to us. We also decided to go with a very cheap one, because we are both still in university and I still think it’s wrong to spend thousands of dollars on a freakin’ rock, especially if you don’t have the means. We didn’t do that whole “3 month salary thing”. If we did, the ring would have ended up costing SIX TIMES the amount we paid!

Anyway, there really was no point to this blog post. I have no idea if anyone even reads this anymore – I haven’t posted anything since May, and I definitely have been less than consistent this year in terms of keeping my blog updated. I guess I just wanted to post about the ring because I thought it was kind of funny. I mean, we really could have just got a fake diamond. But he wanted to do things the traditional way, and you know what, sometimes that’s okay. We didn’t spend outside our means, and we made sure it was ethical. Sometimes, it’s okay to change your opinions. I’m not ashamed of that. And to be honest, the ring is kinda pretty.

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